I hate to break it to you, Ray, but there are no cowboys.

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Currently dipping my toe in the waters beyond Heroes. Mostly, I'm afraid of the sharks.

Stuff I've written that I actually like right now (this can change; I'm fickle):

Proximity, a Company Man-era Claude/Bennet fic written for Morally Grey November (rated R). Update: this fic won an award for Best Bennet characterization :D

Caesar's Wife, another Company-era Claude and Bennet fic (PG-13; can be read as gen). Update: this fic won two awards: Best Claude characterization and best Claude/Bennet fic in the G/PG-13 category.

Asportation, featuring Nathan and Bennet in a scent that, inexplicably, did not make the final edit of ep. 1.05 (Hiros) (PG-13)

Panels From A Comic Not Yet Written, a Hiro/Isaac story written for the first rare_heroes fic exchange, and which won 2nd prize :) (PG-13)

Safe (long, on hiatus, but I will finish it, damn it!), a largely Gen AU fic (with a dollop of Peter/Claude, for spice) set in WWII Amsterdam and other places (mostly PG-13 with occasional lapses into R).