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Title: Ceasefire
Rating: R/NC-17?
Warnings: As per the show, plus Brad/Nate. Although Ray almost merits a warning of his own.
Disclaimer: Based solely on the characters depicted in the HBO miniseries.
Summary: Brad and his emotions have an understanding: he doesn't talk about, or think about, anything that might affect his combat effectiveness, and his emotions do whatever the fuck he tells them to. 11,000 words written in response to the prompt Ceasefire.
A/N: This fic was previously posted anonymously here as part of the combat_jack Team Day vs. Team Night challenge. The version that appears below is a slightly edited version of the original. I am indebted to oxoniensis for her awesome beta skills and ninja cheerleading, and everyone at After Action Report for the transcripts, one or two lines from which are reproduced here. All wrongness that remains is mine.

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nate LT is stuck in a barrel

How TV fandom, and fanfic, ruined my perfectly good hobby of reading

(Yes, I wrote an essay. Weird, I know. Moving on.)

So I have some vacation time. And there are bookstores. And I spend maybe three or four hours of said vacation time just browsing the shelves, picking up books that I've heard of, or whose authors I've heard of, and checking them out: is this the kind of book I'm in the mood for?

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And then it went all f***ing Stargate

Title: is redacted to save my flist from getting into trouble at work
Fandoms: Generation Kill/Firefly
Rating: PG-13, or maybe R, for language. You know Ray.
Word count: 3,300ish.
Disclaimer: Yeah, not mine. I just play here. Based on the TV shows. You know the drill.
Summary: "Ray, don't touch that—" *ZAP* The boys find themselves lost in an alternate universe where spacecowboys make break the rules. Thanks to their_darkness for the prompt :D
A/N: This started as comment-fic here <— total thread pimpage, btw but quickly got out of hand. There might be more.

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These Boots Are Made For Walking

Title: These Boots Are Made For Walking
Fandom: Generation Kill
Rating: PG-13, for language
Word count: 1,480
Summary: "If we're gonna step off, I wanna do it dressed like a real man!" Some notes in the margins before Bravo Company leaves Camp Mathilda.
Disclaimer: All characters based solely on the HBO series Generation Kill.
A/N: Just finished watching the series for the first time last week. Damn. More fic incoming; stay frosty.
PS: They really do talk like sailors. Don't say I didn't warn you, flist.

(For my flist: Brad, Ray, Rolling Stone.)

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In the margins

Fandom: Studio 60
Characters: Danny, Jordan, Matt, Simon
Rating: PG-13
Word count: a smidge over 1000
Spoilers: Up to 1.11 (The Christmas Show)
A/N: These are just a couple of 'extra scenes' from The Christmas Show. My first attempt at any S60 writing, so I'm just colouring bits in until I get the hang of the characters.

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Fandom: Heroes
Title: Intervention
Rating: PG-13, for language
Word-count: 2700ish
Prompt, from damson: 'Five Years Gone' verse. Present or Future!Peter and, of course, same goes for Claude. Bonus bonus points for a little Christmas/festive content, as to what festive content includes and/or actually is, interpret as you will!
A/N: This was originally published as part of the Plaude Christmas Fic Exchange in January ... but because it was posted anonymously at the time, and I was kinda busy, I never did re-post it here. So for completeness, and because I still really like its snarky, bittersweet vibe, here it is.

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Out of sight, out of mind

I have been on sabbatical - apologies. But that can't go on; I miss you guys too much. And I miss writing! So I'm back, although I'm not even sure I can remember how to do this. But I must anyway. So there.

Please consider this small offering, originally inspired by c_quinn, as an apology for my total lameness of late:

Title: Out of sight, out of mind
Fandom: Firefly/Heroes
Rating: PG-13

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Characters: Hana/Claude/Bennet and some extra little cameos.
Rating: soft R, mostly for language
Word count: 6,200ish. Blimey.
Disclaimer: Yeah, not even close to being mine. Damn it.
Summary: He wanted to say that he didn't need her help. That he was perfectly fine as he was, thanks very much. That Bennet, family sodding values notwithstanding, would be back around. He always came back. Regular bleedin' boomerang, Bennet. But it'd been six months, and it wasn't like Claude had ever been all that patient to begin with.
A/N: This is mildly AU, since Claude, Hana and Bennet are all working for Primatech at the same time. What? I can dream.

He's not bothered, really, when she hits him. Claude likes feisty girls, and Hana is nothing if not feisty.
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Title: Talking Points Have Lesser Points (And So On, Ad Infinitum)

Fandom: The West Wing
Characters: ensemble
Word Count: 2,850
Rating: PG
Summary: "Yeah, look, the trade deal—it's, uh, looking a little beat up right now."
A/N: This sorta' fits into the cracks around 5.19 (Talking Points) and before 5.20 (Crash). I may be taking minor liberties with the timeline; it's hard to tell from canon.

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Death and Taxes

Characters: Claude/Bennet
Rating: R, for sex and language.
Word count: 4,170
Spoilers: Set between ".07%" and "The Hard Part"; some spoilers for those.
Summary: Stupid, is what it is. Can't undo seven years with a taser and a bit of a grope. Don't know what I was thinkin'. Wasn't thinkin'. Sequel to Probability.
A/N: Massive thanks to fantasticpants, for the title, all the encouragement, endless re-reads, and general taser-pr0n cheerleading. Thanks too to the guys over at 5_years_gone, for Claude/Bennet inspiration. Y'all rock!

Previously ...

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